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Sound Safari Records Sound Safari Records
268 · 6 · KE
Electronica, Dance
Latest release no info
Sound Safari Records is a new Kenyan Record Label currently focused on releasing and promoting Electronic Dance Music to the growing local scene and worldwide. Our object is to provide the organizational and business backbone for the musician while the artist focuses on the music. Together we will grow and develop the market for Kenyan Music. The label’s roots trace back to February 2015 when EDM Kenya started producing the Sound Safari Podcast...
Broderskab Broderskab
Dance, Tech House
Latest release no info
EDM Sauce Free Records EDM Sauce Free Records
10,447 · 32 · US
Dubstep, Dance
Latest release no info
EDM Sauce is the leading website for EDM news in the world. Now we have launched EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records. EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records are cleared to be used and monetized on YouTube videos and Twitch.
Musique De Danse Musique De Danse
16 · 4 · UK
Dance, Techno
Latest release no info
Independent record label & magazine.
RDB Records RDB Records
5 · NL
Dance, Electro House
Latest release no info
Besides being responsible for the marketing and the release of your music we also help you grow, collaborations within the label and maybe some gigs. Just like most indie labels we have a smaller distribution network than our big label counterparts and typically reach consumers one at a time. However, we as an indie label have a strong reputation for staying in touch with upcoming music trends and giving chances to unknown artists who eventually...
1,556 · 8 · AT
Latest release no info
GOOD LIFE MUSIC is a austrian independent music label & artist management.
Parsec Music Parsec Music
7 · 1 · US
Latest release no info
Parsec Music is a new age independent record label that is the convergence of an independent label, tech startup, and media company. We empower creative people, musicians, artists, developers, entrepreneurs, and influencers young and old. We take more of a technological approach to managing our artist’s brands and give them a platform to better communicate with their fans. This approach will change the music industry and Parsec Music will have cr...
4 · NL
Progressive House, Dance
Latest release no info
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