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New art express New art express
14 · US
Punk, Rock
Latest release no info
New art express is an American independent production group. NAE started as an event booking entity of the Seattle based indie label Sliver records. New art express was involved in numerous tours working behind the scenes. From providing assistance at the The Generators/Sledgeback NW US shows to tour management at the Tankcsapda 2015 US West coast events. Having decades long experience in music and video production NAE has worked on dozens of mus...
headstrong music headstrong music
8 · DE
Rock, Hard Rock
Latest release no info
Moin! Wir sind headstrong music aus Kiel, Germany. Wir sind sehr frisch als Independent-Label (LC 85196) in den Musik-Markt eingestiegen, haben aber persönlich jahrzentelange Erfahrung in verschiedenen Ecken des Musik-Business gesammelt. Unser Ziel ist der Support von (Newcomer-)Bands aus allen Ecken des Rock, Unterstützung bei Produktionen und Vertrieb (digital sowie physisch) und Promotion sowie Deals in Sachen Merchandising für Musiker, die un...
Bitxos Music Bitxos Music
2 · ID
Rock, Pop
Latest release no info
Studio B Recording Studio B Recording
3 · IT
Indie Rock, Rock
Latest release no info
Bytegrams Music Bytegrams Music
1 · LK
Pop, Rock
Latest release no info
Pikotako Pikotako
8 · 3 · ES
Pop, Rock
Latest release no info
International Independent Music Record Label since 2019 & Music Festival since 2001 in the small village of Gometxa, Basque Country (Spain).
Pancher Pancher
1 · 1 · RU
Pop, Rock
Latest release no info
Dear Colleagues! We are happy to present to you the Russian music label “Pancher” (www.ipancher.ru). Our label is a major music publishing house cooperating with many well-known songwriters and performers. We are always open for cooperation, we conclude direct agreements with songwriters, performers, and other copyright holders, and act on their behalf, while working with participants in the national music market on the territory of the follow...
Sinus Media Sinus Media
6 · 8 · IN
Latest release no info
SM is a Sinus Media it is a Music Label founded by Riyas Ayiroor in the year 2016 . The primary importance is given to music
SONO Music Group SONO Music Group
5 · 5 · IT
Pop, Rock
Latest release no info
SONO Music Group is a record label and a collective of professionals that aims to make talented artists grow by working as a collaborative family. Sono in Italian means "I am", in Latin means "sound". SONO is a group of young and passionate people that work on the projects they personally love, where passion is the main value. SONO Music Group partners with FUGA, one of the three preferred Spotify international distributors for labels, wi...
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