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Dark Lab Records Dark Lab Records
14 · 9 · UK
Progressive House, Trap
Latest release 4 months ago
Dark Lab Records Ltd, established in 2019, stands as an independent force in the music industry. Serving as a distributor, publisher, and copyright manager globally, the label has forged a global alliance. This collaboration empowers their artists with access to international marketing and promotional resources, reinforcing support for both artists and labels.
Ded Sec Records Ded Sec Records
28 · 11 · LK
Dubstep, Trap
Latest release 1 year ago
Ded Sec Records is a Sri Lankan premier electronic music record label and creative collective. it was founded by Mechanic in 2019. Mechanic announced the label on May 07, 2019.The label's first release was Mechanic's Reggae Rum. We provide music distribution, publishing, promotions & many more services for our artists. We also accept Remixes. Send Demos: https://www.labelradar.com/labels/dedsecrecords/portal Info: dedsecrecords@gmail.co...
Nozerwave Nozerwave
11 · IT
Trap, Synthwave
Latest release 2 years ago
2019 - Nozerwave is the smallest independent dance music label in the world, founded in 2019 by Mijjey and Brian Noys. A never winner of the IDMA for ‘Best Global Label’, Nozerwave boasts the globe’s smallest dance music catalog of just 1 title, Kamaboom with more than 160000 streams in just 1 year, and two nice artists on its roster.
Sri Nation Sri Nation
11 · LK
Big Room, Trap
Latest release 2 years ago
Sri Nation is the biggest Electronic Dance Music chart show in Sri Lanka. Started in 2017. It was founded by Jizzy. Sri Nation is a premier group and we are helping the underrated artist to get a fan base. Note: We only accept remixes for now. We do not provide music distribution, publishing, promotions & other services for now.
Jumblebass Records Jumblebass Records
330 · 10 · IN
Trap, Dubstep
Latest release 3 years ago
Here at LabelBase, we include demo's for our Jumblebass Records Group. Feel free to submit the asked genres.
Senter Records Senter Records
6 · SG
Pop, Trap
Latest release 2 years ago
Senter Records is a Singapore-based record label founded by DJ Mass. The label has helped introduce young, talented EDM producers to the music scene in South East Asia, and is now branching out to the South Asian region with an HQ in Sri Lanka. With sounds that are predominantly Moombahton, Tropical, Reggaeton, Future Pop, Hybrid Trap, Crossover Trap, and Asian Pop EDM, Senter Records aims to cater to a wide audience and deliver premium quality m...
Dream Eye Records Dream Eye Records
4 · MA
Trap, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 years ago
contact: contact@dreameyerecords.com demo: demo@dreameyerecords.com we are distributing to all major platforms and can help you to get the quality music, and we are here to be a team helping each other, welcome to everyone wanna send his/Her demo, from these genres: TRAP - POP - RAP - HIP&HOP
Prestige Unltd Music Prestige Unltd Music
2 · RE
Trap, Reggae
Latest release 1 year ago
Prestige Unltd Music is a French label specializing in urban clubbing music, "dancehall / moombahton / reggae he is part of the Red Island Productions group. We did a lot of top 100 on beatport with the Title of Jimmy Gassel "Bella Ciao" We are distributed by a German distribution company. we only do digital. we are also under Yacast club in France for the radio and club promotion. the label director is Simon Sim's professional artist /...
Ambala Productions Ambala Productions
2 · IN
Trap, Trance
Latest release 2 years ago
Ambala Productions is an entertainment and production company that deals in different categories like Video Production, Music Production, Digital Distribution , Android App Distribution/Development services with a team of 25+ full time employees. Ambala Productions also stepped in Digital Distribution of content such as Songs, Albums , Music Videos, Compilations, Android Apps, Podcasts. Ambala Productions have a catalog of 2000+ songs in differen...
Quest Distro Quest Distro
3 · GH
Hip-Hop, Trap
Latest release 4 years ago
2 · AO
Hip-Hop, Trap
Latest release 7 years ago
FCMG (acronym for Favela Clássica Music Group) is a record label publisher founded in Luanda, Angola on January 8, 2016 by Angolan rapper Pedro Fernando (also founder of the Coca Overdose Kaizen Entertainment music label). The name of the label originated from their duo Favela Clássica Music Group. FCMG is a record company that specializes in the manufacture, development, distribution and promotion of multimedia recordings. It currently distribut...
Discoswag Discoswag
1,475 · 35 · US
House, Trap
Latest release 2 years ago
Florida based record label. Bass - breaks - hiphop - minimal - dark techno - deep house - tech/house - idm - trip hop - deathstep - electro - drumstep - dnb - dubstep - crunk - thugstep - breakstep - glitchstep - baltimore club - bassline - indie rock - metal - punk - electronica - trance - progressive - battle - moombahton - juke - psy - moombahcore - trap - twerk - dirty south - garage - hardstyle - future bass - balie - tropical - dancehall...
Samol Records Samol Records
3 · 7 · PE
Electronica, Trap
Latest release 3 years ago
Samol Records (Samol Entertainment), es una compañía de música y entretenimiento especializada en el mercado latino internacional. La compañía ofrece varios servicios de artistas y sellos, tales como: gestión de talentos, desarrollo de artistas, marketing y publicación de música.
Bounce House Records Bounce House Records
Big Room, Trap
Latest release 1 year ago
We are an upcoming EDM music label.
Who-man records Who-man records
25 · US
House, Trap
Latest release 2 years ago
Check our promotional Instagram pages: Www.instagram.com/who.man.music & / who.man.records
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